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LUNAR Cable Park

           It's a sunny and beautiful Spain. This raw concrete connected with paintbrushes gave me a lot of fun during the creative process. My client - Lunar Cable Park and me agreed, that the coral reef elements will perfectly fit in the midst of wake park space. Spanish guys from Lunar.TV always call themselves 'Pulpo', when somebody did sth unique in the obstacles. It was the reason why I chose the octopus as the main wakepark's graphics and additionally, a series of stickers with tentacles. Nowadays, it's the main showcase of the Lunar wakepark in Cuevas del Almanzora. It's already the best park in Spain!        


           Canvas from my solo exhibition „Czas Rozpadu” in ZACNIE gallery (PL).

Acrylic, spray and 24ct gold on metal sheet. Handmade metal frame 
Size: 58x78 cm (90,5’x63’)

Nowa Sól

           Public library in Nowa Sól (PL)        

Somewhere in ...

           A series of canvases from my solo exhibition „Czas Rozpadu” in ZACNIE gallery (PL).

... Prague, Norway, Hungary, France, London x3, Croeatia, Somewhere x2
Acrylic and 24ct gold on linen. 
Size: 44x34 cm (17,5’x13,5’)

Meeting Of Styles Poland

           Diorama from a converted Montana 94 can with small Friendly Faces paste ups for the group exhibition “10th anniversary Meeting of Styles Poland”