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Meeting Of Styles Poland

           Diorama from a converted Montana 94 can with small Friendly Faces paste ups for the group exhibition “10th anniversary Meeting of Styles Poland” 

Friendly Faces 5.0 - canvases

           A series of canvases from my exhibition in ZACNIE gallery (PL).

Paste-ups, posters from streets, sprays and gold schlagmetal on canvases. Hand-made wooden frame.

Sizes: 50 x 40 cm (20’ x 16’), 200x160 cm (79’x63’), 120x120 cm (48’x48’)


            'Friendly Face' of polish king of pop music - Krzysztof Krawczyk.

Paste-up in Poznań - Poland.


Someart X TUU

           I had a pleasure of putting my work ‘Friendly Faces 3.0’ on the cover of the TUU magazine.
You can find there an interview with me.

Friendly Faces 5.0

           Long-term street art project, which is called ‘Friendly Faces’. Known also as artist's street logo.

Series no. 5 presents mainly protesting people from around the world. Currently, there is a wave of protests all over the world, mostly about governments, censorship, starving, etc.

The main idea behind this project is to show, how every single one of us is unique and different. In the eyes of artist everyone is a piece of art, that's why there is a small sentence written next to every character.