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Someart X Bethesda

           It was a pleasure to paint this Fallout 76 helmet. It was a charity cooperation with Habitat for humanity. The exhibition took place in the Microsoft store in New York in the 5th avenue. I was a big fan of this game - Fallout 1 and 2. That's why it's great experience to me to cooperative for such companies.  



           Paste-ups, tags and graffiti painted in collaboration with Mihau Dumin.

GPD Agency

           Two inside walls with plants style for GPD Agencies offices in Poznan.


           Two murals, which I made on a brand new building in Zalasewo village, near Poznan. It was a pleasure to cooperate with the KM Building Developer and made for them such a large walls.

Someart X TUU

           I had a pleasure of putting my work ‘Friendly Faces 3.0’ on the cover of the TUU magazine.
You can find there an interview with me.