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Someart X Rockmill X Дідько

           ‚Friendly Faces’ label for Browar Rockmill (PL) in collaboration with Дідько (UA).
“Friend or Foe”. Gold eyes are made with hot stamping technique and whole label is mat.

Someart X Miniramp

           This triptych present dogs in the annihilation process. I left a lot of free space in the top to cut griptape however you want.

Someart X TUU

           I had a pleasure of putting my work ‘Friendly Faces 3.0’ on the cover of the TUU magazine.
You can find there an interview with me.

Someart X Hadaki

           Ceramic vase in colaboration with Hadaki

On The Way to Barcelona

            This is my work for a charitable calendar 2018.
I created only the July card and 11 other artists painted the rest of this calendar cards.
This initiative was organised and printed by Drukomat.